It´s all about transformation. Getting to know yourself better – your strengths, your talents, your very own beauty. See, how your „inner monsters“ can actually, when looked at and met respectfully transform into something very powerful. With the transformation of all your dark spots you grow stronger and more complete; you gain greater understanding of yourself, your relationships, your world – how you create your world.

In the process you will feel more forgiving with yourself and less judgmental. You will find unexpected treasures within yourself, you will learn the language of your unconscious, of your dreams, you will meet your inner wisdom beyond words – you will come to new perspectives and a new awareness of life.


In a first art therapy session we will evaluate expectations, hopes and fears concerning the therapy; the topics, problems and wishes which led you here.

Further we will discuss the general conditions – fee, appointment, terms of payment. And, of course, the methods and the media of art therapy will be introduced and experienced.